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Below, you’ll find links to some of my favorite resources for modeling, mini-craft and gaming. These are sites, vendors and services that I have used and/or followed for a very long time, and as such, they get a thumbs-up from me. You may find them very helpful too...

Terrain and Sculpting

Hirst Arts

I can’t say enough good things about Bruce Hirst and his line of DIY sculpting products. If you’re not familiar with CastleMolds®, imagine being able to cast your own construction blocks out of plaster or die-stone and then building your own terrain. Need some more blocks to create a project? Simply cast some more...

I own over 30 different CastleMolds® and have created many different dungeon crawling set-pieces for use in gaming. It’s also a hobby that my kids have naturally gravitated towards, as it combines all the fun of assembling Lego® bricks with realistic architectural modeling. I heartily recommend checking out Bruce’s site.

The War Store

I purchase my modeling supplies from several different vendors, but I mostly deal with Neal over at The War Store for basing materials, model accessories and Army miniatures in general.  He has great prices on supplies and if you’re into Bolt Action (like I am) than look no further – The War Store has a great selection of Warlord Games products.

Painting Supplies, Services and Instructional Videos

Roger O’Dell Miniature Painting

Most of our models portrayed on Turnkey Miniatures were originally painted by Roger O’Dell. He runs a full-time miniature painting studio and performs work on commission. If you think that a painting service might be too expensive or out of reach of your budget, touch base with Roger; I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable such a service can cost.

Extensive portfolio of his work on Facebook

Blue Table Painting

Now I have never actually procured the services of Blue Table Painting, but I can say without reservation that I’m a BTP fan. Owner Shawn Gately has taken his love for miniature painting and transformed it into a full-time, inspirational business which he shares with his large pool of highly talented artist-employees.  BTP shares their excellent painting techniques, tips and knowledge in dozens of instructional videos that are available on their YouTube channel. You can find out more about the services and models they offer on the company’s website and store.

Blue Table Painting on YouTube

General Splatton

I’ve been a fan of General Splatton's instructional videos for quite sometime and his techniques and tips are worth their weight in White Metal (or resin, if that’s your thing)...  and if you think you know how to paint a figure in black, then I strongly encourage you to watch the General’s tutorial on the subject titled “How to paint black realistically” - it’ll make you rethink what you thought you knew...
General Splatton on YouTube

Girl Painting by Alexandra

I discovered Alexandra’s channel while searching for instructional videos a few years ago and without a doubt, her miniature painting and basing skills rank towards the top of ladder. If you’re looking for videos that will take you from basic to expert and then to advanced levels, do yourself a favor and check out Girl Painting.
Girl Painting on YouTube

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